5 minute FAIL – philosophy hope in a jar

20130403-141953.jpgEvery so often, I try a product and I know immediately, this is not for me. No. No no. Not gonna happen. I don’t feel comfortable giving reviews of such product, because I can’t comment on all aspects of the product. But it seems to me to be worth mentioning if there is some aspect of a product that is so overwhelming I can’t get over it to even give the product a fair shot.

Case in point: philosophy hope in a jar.

I had heard wonderful things about this product from many. It’s supposed to be a fantastic lightweight moisturizer, and with my oily skin I’m always interested in a good lightweight moisturizer that won’t make me go shiny halfway through the day. And with its light, smooth texture, hope in a jar does feel like it would work well–if I could keep it on my face.

Problem is, this stuff smells like soap. Like straight up, old-fashioned, middle-school-bathroom soap. And I keep smelling it until I finally get sick of it and wash the stuff off, because the smell is quite strong. Even now, I got some of it on my hands when taking the above photo of the open packette, and just rubbed it in; now I can smell it as I type, and it’s driving me crazy.

In less than 5 minutes, I knew I could never use this product, no matter how great of a moisturizer it might turn out to be.

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One Response to 5 minute FAIL – philosophy hope in a jar

  1. Tomiko says:

    I received a sample from sephora and I thought it was expired because it gave me the impression this smell like egg. but went to sephora smelled the tester and its the same. very awful. :(

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